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Our new site is ready and we are making plans to close this site soon - we encourage you to start using the new SourceOECD site and re-build any links now.

Why a new site?SourceOECD was launched in 2000 and online publishing technologies have raced ahead. It proved impossible to add many of the needed improvements , so we decided to re-build from new. The new site is now ready for use. The main improvements are: speed and reliability; improved navigation; EasyLinking at the level of individual books; full-text searching and an email alerting service. You'll find the new service at http://new.sourceoecd.org.

Will my current links still work? Sadly, no. For technical reasons it is not possible to re-use the existing links in the new service. This means you will have to re-build links to SourceOECD. We apologise for this inconvenience, but we have created permanent EasyLinks in the new site, so if we have to move again, the links are guaranteed to work whatever happens. An additional benefit is that we've made EasyLinks for each and every book at the level of the ISBN. You can find the links via the Librarian's area of the new SourceOECD site.

Will www.SourceOECD.org still work? When we switch off this site, we will map the www.SourceOECD.org url to the new site. We will continue to use the new.SourceOECD.org url as well.

Questions? To learn more about the benefits of the new SourceOECD service, visit both the Librarians and Users areas of New SourceOECD. If you have any questions, do email us at sourceoecd@oecd.org.

OECD Economic Outlook No. 75
The OECD has published its Economic Outlook No. 75, containing its latest economic analysis and projections for major world economies on Tuesday 11 May 2004.

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